With the guests seated and cameras packed it was time for us to head out and explore the winter landscape of the Timbavati. The guests had not been on a safari before so we went in search of Africa’s big 5 and everything in between. The previous day a pride of 3 male lions had taken down a buffalo so we headed off in that direction to see what was happening at the carcass. Upon arrival we could see the buffalo carcass but no sign of the pride. While scanning the area for any signs of the pride, a call of a leopard sighting come over the radio. We decided to abandon the search and head off to view the leopard. As luck would have it we were 2 minutes from the sighting when the call come in that they had lost visuals. We scanned the area but to no avail. So we were left with no choice but to head down into the river bank to see if we could get a sighting of this elusive cat that the guests were itching to see. After making our way into the river bank we were greeted by a leopard cub which, needless to say, left the guests speechless. This is the first time that this cub had made an appearance so it was very curious as to what we were and started to slowly stalk the vehicle. We spent some time with this gem before it disappeared into the darkness.