While out on safari we often enjoy having sundowners at a particular spot at one of the biggest dams in our concession, which we call the peninsula. On this particular visit at the peninsula, we were entertained by an excited herd of elephants enjoying the water.

Due to their size, many people are under the impression that elephants can’t swim, but they are in fact very good swimmers and use their trunks, which contain about 100,000 different muscles, as snorkels when swimming in deeper water. We watched as the elephants quenched their thirst and immersed themselves in the dam to cool off from the African heat. While watching these gentle giants enjoying the water we got to witness the interaction between them. Elephants use touch as one of the primary ways to communicate. In fact, they often greet one another by stroking or locking trunks and older elephants use this type of technique to discipline younger calves in the herd.