A new day arrives bringing with it great excitement as we headed off to see what happened during the night in the African bush.  An hour into the drive and nothing really to show! Where had all the animals disappeared to? We tried the waterholes with no luck. We decided to try a different route hoping for our luck to change. As we turned around the corner, our tracker picked up fresh cheetah spoor in the road. We continued following the tracks which led us to two relaxed adult cheetahs sitting overlooking the landscape. We continued watching these peaceful creatures until the one male decided it was time to head off. We tried to keep up with them but they were moving like they were on a mission so we decided that it would be best to try to intersect them further up. We traveled over 2 blocks and decided to have a coffee break at a vantage point overlooking the landscape below. While enjoying our coffee break a call came in that the cheetahs had taken down a warthog. Could it be the same cheetahs we had just seen? The sighting was a few kilometers away. Needless to say we packed up and headed straight to the sighting. Upon arrival we could identify that it was indeed the same cheetahs and they were busy devouring a meal which was a young warthog. We will let the video and pictures below tell the rest of the story. Please note that it contains some graphic images.