When guests head to the Timbavati they expect to see Africa’s big 5 and that’s what we at Makanyi try to deliver and more. Heading out into the African landscape we cannot predict what sightings we will see, however on this particular day the lions of the Timbavati came to the party . We approached an area where we knew the lions were and soon after a call came in over the radio that a pride of 8 lions had been spotted relaxing close to a nearby waterhole. We slowly approached the sighting and were greeted by a relaxed pride doing what they do best – sleeping. As day turned into night we could see the pride was getting more and more active and soon we had movement. Two lionesses moved off while the rest of the pride started interacting and grooming one another. Soon after, the rest of the pride joined the 2 lionesses and we watched them slip into the darkness of the Timbavati Game Reserve.